NURSERY PROGRAM (6 weeks-2 years)

During these developmental years of the child's life, we work closely with each family to meet the needs of their child and maintain their known daily routine in a caring and nurturing environment. Forming human attachments at this age is so important, which is why our educators spend lots of time with each child, to make sure they develop a trusting relationship that makes your child feel safe and secure in our care.


Toddlerhood is an incredible time of exploration and discovery, as toddlers gain an increasing sense of self and an understanding of the world around them. Our Program encourages their growth, development and curiosity while supporting their growing independence. Having the opportunity to develop friendships and socialise with others is another important focus in this room.


The years before school are a time of rapid growth for children’s minds, their emotional and physical development plus their understanding of the world. Our Preschool Program lays down a love of learning as well as the developmental skills required to thrive and excel at school. Our approach supports every child to reach their potential in all areas, helping them to prepare for what lies ahead.


Give your child the best start to Kindergarten with our leading School Readiness Program. We prepare your child for the new challenges of Kindergarten through the use of all Key Learning Areas of NSW Primary Schools.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


Your child's development is our priority and so we have partnered with Industry Professionals in our community to incorporate fun and engaging extra curricular activities, such as piano, yoga, ballet and soccer to develop your child's emotional, cognitive and creative self.

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